My spontaneous Foot Worship Experience with a Young Exhibitionist couple

Hello there, My name is Mary Jane, and I am a 48 year old real estate agent who happens to be the best selling agent in the Company I work with for five years in a row. This led to my promotion to the senior sales agent position-a post I`ve held for two years now. I have fucked just about every client I`ve sold a house to (99% of them are male btw)- and that`s not even the best part. The best part is that throughout my experience as a realtor, I have been able to meet some pretty kinky clients. Some kinky enough to screw me in their new homes- from their living rooms to their dining areas, swimming pool and oh, kitchen – counter, among other locations including even the master bedroom!

My last clients, a bisexual couple, have to be among my favorite all time sales-cum-sex experiences. I remember them well; a young exhibitionist couple that wanted a five bedroom beach house, in Laguna Beach CA. Both of them were bold and openly discussed how they`d fuck and role-play in the pool (which turned me on so much by the way). The girlfriend whose name was Jessica wore a slutty sun skirt that easily flipped to expose her sexy round ass from behind, as well as her flappy shaved pussy from an up-skirt position.
From the moment I saw Jessica, I could tell she had a foot fetish by the way she stared at my feet- which, so you know, are gorgeous even at my age. I knew I`d make the sale when she randomly requested to massage my legs after I complained of fatigue and requested to relax abit. (This was part of my master plan which usually involves me flashing my panty-less pussy to provoke some play before sealing a deal.)

I remember sitting in the living room L-seat while Jessica requested Tom, her early-thirties, muscular boyfriend to prepare a bath in the soon-to-be their Jacuzzi. Jessica wasted no time after Tom left us alone as she began praising my legs admiring my seductive red polish while touching my brilliantly pedicured toes. As she began gently massaging me, she noticed I was highly receptive and began stroking my left foot gently while moving her right hand higher up my waist. Before I knew it, Jessica started kissing my feet all the way to the toes which all but

confirmed her fetish for mature foot worship.

Mature Model

Jessica saw my exposed pussy and whispered in my ears

“you turn me so fucking on, I am super wet for you!”

She stood up holding her top as she attempted to remove it before Tom emerged from behind and removed the top just as professionaly as the guys from Live 4k HD Porn videos. I must admit to being shocked that Tom was not surprised on seeing his girl kissing my feet passionately. In fact, Tom came out in his boxers, claiming the bath was ready and that we should join him. It was then that it became clear the bath was meant for us all- and I loved it!

Tom removed his girlfriend`s bra to expose her busty jugs which erotically hanged as she bent towards my legs and began kissing them. Jessica took her time with my legs, gently kissing them from the knees while rubbing her boobs against my feet which made me super wet as I started dripping. She moved upwards licking my juices while caressing me gently, as Tom jumped in on the fun and immediately applied some sensual oil on my legs while firmly maintaining his grip. Soon, Jennifer had my boobies out as she started sucking on my nipples as Tom sucked my toes over and over.

Mature Feet

With my legs spread apart, both of them took each leg and started licking me all the way to my knees.

Tom was agressive and had me cumming every time he bit my tiny toes

while spitting on my feet. Jessica was super turned on by watching her man rub and kiss my feet seductively, which prompted her to spread her wet pussy wide and demand Tom`s cock. It was my turn now, I got up slowly and started rubbing my boobs all over her, paying extra attention to her feet. I kissed her ringed toe and gently stroked her other toes while Tom fingered me while fucking his girl. Tom strocked her wet pussy mercilessly until Jeniffer began breathing heavily and squirted all over the couch. Then Tom quickly withdrew, cumming all over my feet which he agressively fucked afterwards. He put his large cock in between my feet and began pounding over and over until he came three times, each time lubricating my feet with Jennifers cum-filled saliva.

We finally decided to take that quick bath upstairs where we fucked again and again before finalizing on the sales. At the end of it all, the couple`s new bed had transformed into a pool of cum and squirt-all thanks to their mature foot worship fetish. The couple wanted more of me, but I told them, just as I always tell all my clients,

“see you when buying the next house.” – Mary Jane.

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