My Lesbian Foot Worship Experience with a Middle East Blonde

My name is Joyce although many people call me Joy. I am a 19 years old bisexual woman currently working as a escort keeping my fellow women a good and enjoyable time and giving them fancy hot sex stories while they are on a tour or on holiday. I have been doing this for a while and I get a chance to meet women of all ages, background and status. I have so far entertained politicians, famous athletes, ambassadors, prominent business women and many more. I always enjoy licking their clit and caressing their curvy bodies. But I get thrilled more by licking their feet which greatly turns me on as a lesbian foot worship. here is my hot sex story.

I was sitting at the hote where I had been booked by a client from Middle East to entertain her and give her pleasurable time while on her business trip. She was tall, slim and light skinned and had her head covered totally. “Are you Joy”? She asked while still standing on the door. “Yes” I answered.

“Please call me Ann”

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She came out of the bathroom and her feet caught my attention. She had medium sized and very soft feet that completely turned me on. I started to get a boner going just thinking about sucking those toes and let them caress my breasts. I was in the mood to do anything just to let me close to her feet and passionately suck them. She sat next to me and asked me how old I am. “Am 19” I answered. “You’ve been staring at my feet all along don’t you want to see my breasts or you are strictly lesbian foot worship?” she aked as she dropped the towel and alas! Her breast was firm and pointed just like those of a fifteen year old. I stared at them for some time and came out of my reverie when she reached for my top and whispered to my ears. “Instead of staring at each other why don’t we get naked and start licking” she softly bites my ear and started to undress me. I then sat on the bed as she bore oil all over her soft body. She put her foot on my laps and slowly moved them to touch my breasts which made me scream passionately on the way her toes were trickling my nipples. She sure made me feel like I was in seventh heaven. She said as she removed her coat to reveal a nice sexy chest with protruding tits that was already tempting me. She realized that I was staring at her. “Whats wrong haven’t you ever sucked a Muslim?” She asked as she removed her trousers and went straight to the shower without letting me answer her. To be frank I had never touched a Muslim and I got confused where to start or if they liked lesbian foot worship at all.

I reached for her feet and tactically caress them as I slowly explore her tight breasts and pointed nipples with my feet. “They are very pretty” I said in between licking her feet.

“My breasts or my feet” she asked.

“Both” I answered to her as I smile. “oooohhh ouchhh!” she started moaning as I hungrily sucked her toes. I could tell from the way she was behaving that she was enjoying it. “You are a great sucker” she said as she lay still on the bed. I slowly move upwards as I lick her legs and finally started caressing her thighs which she allowed. She completely lay flat on the bed when I touched her clit. “Please! Please! Suck me more don’t stop” she anxiously utters out. I spread her legs apart and I could see her pussy was getting wet. I passionately kissed her as I pressed my breasts against hers. I fondled them for a while and she never said anything. She just caressed my hair and my face as she looked me straight in the eyes.

I hungrily licked her clit as I softly caress her belly which she responded by moaning loudly. “yeeesss! Yeaahhhhh! Suck it sweetheart,, suck it. oooooohhhh I feel good” she continue moaning as she called me all the sweet names. I continued sucking and rubbing her clitoris which I could see from her eyes that it was driving her crazy. She was getting wetter and wetter as I increase my pace until she moaned so loudly and all her body started shaking and trembling. “aahhh! Oouhhh!! It feels so good, you are so sweet”. She reached her climax and lay on the bed reluctantly with her eyes announcing complete satisfaction.

She pulled me close to her and kissed me as she fondles my breasts. “You are a wonderful sucker and an amazing girl, who thought you these” she asked. “My sister, we used to suck each other’s feet” I answered and we both smiled wryly. she pulled me closer to her and said

“now tell me a hot sex story”.

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