Lesbian Fantasy Fulfilled

Hello there, My name is Florence although most of my friends call me Flo, and I have a hot sex story for you! I work as a secretary at a local broadcasting company (won’t reveal its identity) known for its candid news reports and addictive program lineups as well. This is my second month at the company, and I must admit, things are going pretty well for me. Before I go on, it is important I let you in on a little secret, I have the biggest butt you’ll ever see – in fact, my ass is so big that I get hired and fired coz of it! Like my last job, for instance, I got hired because of my ass – which my boss eventually fucked. I was later fired for fucking the Security Guard of the same company.

I want to give you a story on how I got employed despite the great competition yet I was unqualified. So, my interview day was an interesting one. I remember reading the advertisement, and the company was interested in a daring, pretty and classy woman with the necessary academic qualifications to fill the slot of company secretary. I was broke and therefore thought I`d give it a shot. I wore a tight, high-slitted, navy blue skirt suit and put on my thinnest of G-strings from my closet underneath. This made my massive butt wobble whenever I walked on my six-inch high heels. Truth be told, I was the hottest interviewee that day and I knew I’d kill it immediately I saw my interviewer,

an ex-girlfriend back from high school, and my first lesbian lover, Bella.

Lesbian Sex Story

Bella was hott, and she had changed a lot too, from her hair to her thighs, she was thick with a bubbly butt now (not near mine, though). Immediately I stepped into the office she stared at me in shock, wondering if indeed, it really was her high school first love. Unfortunately, I got in for the interview when the interviewers were heading out for a tea break– meaning- I had to excuse them as they went for their break. However, Bella did not exit the room as she pretended to be busy doing some paperwork. When the other interviewer left, were left in the large room just the two of us.

“Come here, you busty little whore!”

Bella exclaimed while looking at me with her seductive eyes. I moved closer to her as she locked the door and took my hands. “Now take off my skirt and do what you did to me fourteen years ago“, Bella continued while holding my face attempting to kiss me. Within no time we were kissing passionately like lovebirds from a Nepali Sex Story. “I have masturbated to you since the last time we fucked, and cannot wait to kiss your lips over and fucking over” – I replied as I hastily removed her tight linen skirt.

Just like in most lesbian sex story scenes, I removed Bella`s panties; which were already soaked – from some serious dripping by the way. I still could not believe that I was just about to fuck my high school girlfriend after fourteen years and her pussy was just the same!

“Show me how bad you want this job!”

she whispered to my ear, and it was then that I decided to bow down and give that bitch some serious cunt job. I wanted that job bad and wouldn’t mind fucking the whole office just to land it !

Bella had hardly changed, she was the same old girl with a neat hairy bush down there just as she used to back in the days ( super turn on!) We started getting touchy, with every touch leading to the other. Within seconds of touching her wet hairy pussy, Bella was dripping all over the office desk.Yes, baby! Your touching it, there, there, faster baby, there!” She kept screaming. I knew just where and how to touch Bella, after all, I have read tons of Female Masturbation Stories and also viewed hundreds of Live 4K HD Porn, so handling an ex-girlfriend-lesbian, sex addict was no issue for me!

Lesbian Sex Story

I could see Bella holding her breath, shaking vigorously while gently grabbing my already hard nipples. I started kissing her from her toes up to her inner thighs, following the traces of her cum all the way to her pussy. Before I could dip my tongue in her pussy, we had movements from outside, and it was her assistant, the other recruiting officer making his way to the office! Bella quickly stood up, reached for her panties and stilettos while I rushed out of the room before the assistant got in. By the time he was getting in, Bella was fully dressed, and I was already at the ladies freshening up.

While at the ladies, I was super wet and horny for sexual action. I could not stop thinking about her gentle touch and soft lips. Unknowingly, I found my hands sliding down my skirt, craving for a touch of my already flooding cunt. I spread my thighs on the toilet bowl and gently started touching myself with my tiny left hand while my right hand held my nipples firmly. I started thinking of the latest masturbation story I had read about a blonde the same height as Bella who had an identical hooded pussy similar to Bella`s. The thought of Bella sucking my pussy lips made me tremble as I continued stroking until I could feel my cum dripping all over. I licked my juice off my nails and dipped my fingers right inside my tongue-craving pussy until I came again, this time all over the bathroom floor.

Lesbian Sex Story

Playing with myself was a complete turn on, especially when thinking about Bella. My pussy almost went numb due to the stroking motions and cumming multiple times. However, the aftermaths of my masturbation did not stop me from thinking about how landing that job would lead to more sexual escapades between Bella and myself. Before I got home, Bella called me with some urgent news –and it was exactly what I hoped for–she told me to report to work the next day, pantyless.

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