Exploring the Mystery of Foot Worship

If you are submissive man or a foot fetishist dominant woman, chances are you enjoy indulging every once in a while in a little naughty toe and feet action. And when this is not possible, some fantasy on the same often goes a long way in making up what would otherwise he a steamy foot domination or forced foot worship session. If anything, sometimes nothing feels better than having a rough, sweaty, forced foot-to-face smothering. At other times, a simple foot massage will just do the trick. Whichever way you prefer to have it, there is no denying that it feels heavenly good and sinfully wrong at the same time!

Ask any nylon feet worship or lesbian foot worship enthusiast and they will most likely tell you two things. Firstly, fetish foot worship consists of two parts; the physical and the psychological. Even if you are not a foot fetishist, a simple warm massage at the end of a hard day can easily arouse you – even to the point of cumming. Tie that with a little toe sucking and feather tickling and you will feel your manhood or clit erect with pure bliss. That’s why foot worship videos are becoming so popular nowadays. The truth is that very few people can resist the feeling of sexual Nirvana that comes with comes with foot worship and stimulation.

Lesbian Foot Worship

Secondly, the thrill and sheer pleasure of watching someone being dominated/dominating is undeniably erotic. Having someone literally under your feet is awkwardly empowering. And if you have ever checked out a well-executed forced foot worship tube, like the ones here, you will notice that the dominant female always has a smug smile plastered across her face as she forces the submissive male to smell and lick her sweaty toes. Just downright sexy!

The best part, however, about forced feet worship is the kind of sexual power that it transmutes to the dominant female as she rubs her smelly, pungent feet on a submissive man. The same can be said about other variant forms of tootsies fantasy such as lesbian foot worship and mature foot worship. If you are wondering how it feels to have someone rub their soles up on your face, then it is as exhilarating and spine-tingling as having a loaded gun pointed to your face. The vinegar, musty tang of beautiful female feet on your face will give a rush of adrenaline that you have probably never experienced before.

It even gets better considering that more than 85% of the population doesn’t know that forced feet worship fetishes exist. So unlike upskirts and panty line fetishes, you can immerse yourself in sneaky foot peaks even in public without ever worrying of being labeled a pervert. Seated in a bus, for instance, you can work up a mighty hard on simply by imaging yourself popping each of the dainty toes of the pretty sexy thing seated next to you without her having even the slightest hint of your lustful fantasies!

All in all, remember that you can have your fill of the best, steamy forced foot action and domination available online today here. That should take care of your dark fetish and forced foot worship cravings for now!

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